Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Food Journey Never Stop Here

I created this blog on February 2013 after 3 months coming back to Malaysia. It was really a big hit for me when the food prices are varies compared to 5 years ago before I'm leaving the country. Since then, I decided to do more home cooking instead of eating out for better saving. 

Green, yellow and Orange is the fresh colour in my kitchen
Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice & Mix Salad
Malaysian breakfast, fried vermicelli  
Continental Breakfast at home 
Vegetables Salad and Fried Beef

Home Food is the Best!

Home food is the best! Here I would like to share the moment we were enjoying home food with my guest and friends.

Breakfast with friends on weekend at home. Oh! I just love y fluffy scramble eggs.
Big supper. Beef with milk and herbs, vegetable and fried rice
Home-coming Dinner. Malaysian style Chicken Rice
Favourite ever. Seafood Fried Noodle
On the plate; Tuna puff, chicken chop with tofu sauce. Middle, eggplant with garlic
My signature Mee Curry